5 Alternative Cruises for Adventurous Cruise Lovers

5 Alternative Cruises for Adventurous Cruise Lovers

This pandemic has forced us to stay indoors for the longest period. Most people are eagerly looking forward to going out for a change of environment and scenery. This is soon to happen because more and more people are being vaccinated every day around the globe. 

Start planning now for your well-deserved vacation, or should I say adventure. If you are the kind who loves bodies of water and everything in it, we have featured 5 amazing cruise options. Brace yourselves for the ride of your life as we present you with these five amazing cruises to choose from.

The Amazon River Cruise

As the longest river in the world, the Amazon River is home to the most biologically diverse regions on the planet. This river spanning across Peru and Brazil prides itself on an amazing variety of plants and wildlife you will only see in this part of the world. 

The Amazon River Cruise is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Your adventure’s highlight is discovering the mysterious realm of exotic creatures in the Amazon Rainforest. The other parts of your adventure include swimming with pink dolphins, interacting with native communities, and enjoying sumptuous local food. 

You can choose between 5 to 10 days of travel experience in popular cruises such as Peru River Amazon River cruises, Amazon cruises in Brazil, or Amazon cruises in Ecuador.

The Croatia Island Hopping Cruise

Aside from its stunning beaches, sparkling seas, white sands, and turquoise waters, Croatia is known for its historical landmarks. Croatia island hopping cruise combines history and scenery. 

During this trip, you can visit UNESCO’s world heritage sites as you hop from one island to another. You’ll also get the chance to sail along with the historic ancient hamlets of Hvar. 

It doesn’t end there; you can admire the Venetian architecture of Korcula to Dubrovnik’s iconic Old Town. You can also immerse yourself in Mljet Island’s dense woods and beautiful beaches. 

You can do all these with Croatia’s small cruise ships, located either on the Mediterranean Coast or the popular cheaper alternative Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Other places to discover in Croatia are uninhabited islands, fishing villages, streets with charming cafés’ and many more amazing places.

The Galapagos Yacht Cruise

Galapagos cruise combines idyllic cruise experience with wild activities. Galapagos cruise tours offer choices ranging from active adventure trips to interacting with amazing wildlife. Experience snorkelling with playful sea lions, blue-footed boobies, and ancient tortoises. 

If interacting with these amazing creatures is not enough, you can ride with the tide through surfing activity or go deeper with scuba diving. Depending on your budget and your choice of adventure, you can hire a small yacht, catamarans, or small cruise ship.

Travel duration can range from 5 to 15 days of fun and adventure. The popular places to visit in Galapagos are:

  • Experience up close and personal marine turtles in Tortuga Bay (Santa Cruz Island).
  • Get a one a life snapshot with one of Galapagos’ well-known creatures, the giant tortoise at Rancho Primicia (Santa Cruz Island).
  • Whether you want sea lion watching, snorkelling or surfing, you can do all of them in La Loberia (San Cristobal Island)

The UK Canal Cruise 

The UK canal scene is known for its canal boat stay weekend cruises, where you combine the luxury of a narrowboat with a cruise adventure. Enjoy a relaxing river journey in the quaint, scenic countryside through the River Thames. After that, you can marvel at the royal palaces, riverside towns, and villages while relishing a breath of fresh air. 

This enchanting waterway offers recreational activities such as rowing, kayaking, and boating. You can also rent a canal boat a weekend and cruise the canals of Warwickshire. Famously known as the Warwickshire Ring, this journey is a discovery to the West Midlands into the heart of Birmingham via Stockton, Napton, Braunston, Hawkesbury, Fazeley, and the North Stratford Canal to Kingswood returning to Warwick. 

The highlights of this journey include: 

  • relive the Shakespearian era in the town of Stratford
  • descend to Foxton flight of locks and visit Market Harborough
  • visit the site of the battle of Bosworth Field
  • wander through the Blisworth tunnel in the waterways Museum


Renting a yacht in Miami offers a plethora of benefits, from the luxurious experience to the opportunity to explore Miami from a unique perspective. Some benefits of renting a yacht in Miami include:

Luxury and Comfort
A yacht rental in Miami offers a luxurious and comfortable experience that cannot be matched by other forms of transportation. With plush seating, high-end amenities, and stunning views, you can relax in style while exploring Miami’s coastline.

Adventure and Exploration
Renting a yacht in Miami provides the opportunity to explore the city’s beautiful coastline, pristine beaches, and clear blue waters. You can anchor at one of the many secluded coves and enjoy a swim, snorkel, or even scuba dive.

Entertainment and Fun
A yacht rental in Miami is perfect for hosting events and parties. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion, throw a party, or entertain clients, a yacht rental offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Miami yacht rental offers a unique and unforgettable experience, allowing you to explore the city’s stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters in style and comfort. With various yacht types available and endless opportunities for adventure and entertainment, renting a yacht in Miami is a must-do activity for anyone seeking an unforgettable experience.

The North Pole Expedition Cruise

Not many people choose the North Pole as a travel destination, but little do they know that being in the North Pole is like standing on the top of the world, literally. This ice-covered region located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean is constantly shifting ice. That is why there is no permanent habitation because the ice moves every year. If you prefer an expedition-like and exploration adventure cruise tour, you will never regret the North Pole. This uninhabited land offers an adventure of a lifetime. 

  • Marvel at the immense universe where every direction you look is south.
  • Navigate through the thick sea in a nuclear-powered icebreaker
  • Feel a sense of pride in standing in a remote spot where very few have set foot.

Here is an idea of your itinerary to the North Pole:

  • Helsinki, Finland. Capture the beauty of Finland’s extraordinary architecture
  • Murmansk, Russia. From Helsinki, this is where you will embark on your way to your expedition.
  • Northbound in the Arctic Ocean. Experience the view from atop of the expansive Arctic Ocean, boarding the ship’s helicopter.
  • Arrival in the 900 North Pole. Join the festive celebration with a toast and barbeque on the ice. Relish the moment, and don’t forget to take a picture of you standing on top of the world
  • Southbound in the Arctic Ocean. Sit back and relax. Watch out for Polar bears.
  • Franz Josef Land and the Arctic Ocean. Explore more islands in this 200-islands arctic circle
  • Southbound at sea. By this time, you have seen a lot. Carry everything you’ve experienced to tell your family and friends.
  • Disembarkation in Murmansk
  • Back to Helsinki, Finland.

Final Words

These 5 recommended cruises offer you adventures ranging from relaxing journeys to extreme exploration. Whichever you choose, make the best of it; experience everything, do the activities, try things or food you haven’t tried before, enjoy the presence of people around you, and take pictures. 

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