Cruise Tips For Post-Pandemic Seagoers

Being locked inside our homes over the last year has been tough on everyone. So, it’s only right that

you should be excited to enjoy a holiday once we are out of this pandemic.

A great first holiday to get involved with, are cruises. Cruise ships offer all the comforts of holiday resorts but with the added bonus that you get to travel at the same time. You can be laying by the pool as you sail to Spain.

So let’s consider some tips before you board after the pandemic is over.

What Cruising Will Look Like

Whether you’ve been cruising before or not, it’s likely that you’ll need to brush up on the cruising lifestyle.

It may just be lightly different to how we used to cruise. For example, it’s very likely that the ships themselves will be much cleaner than before. Not that they weren’t before, you’d do well to find a cruise ship poorly maintained, but with extra COVID-19 regulations in place, there will be extra demands by staff to clean and keep to the new regulations.

On a similar note, it’s likely that there will be less crowds both on the ship and at inner-port destinations. Due to people being worried about going on holiday and also social distancing rules that will probably remain post-pandemic, for a while.

There will also be contactless embarkation for most cruise ships, so make sure you have a modern phone ready for the change and enjoy seamless boarding.

Changing Situations

It’s an ever-changing world during this pandemic. With that in mind, consider keeping tabs on what’s going on with your holiday provider. They will be the experts when it comes to safety around your cruise.

As of now, the situation is that post-lockdown we will see cruise ships coming out but in smaller fleets. They won’t expect to be overly busy, which is good for you as more space, but they won’t have every cruise ship in operation.

With the uncertainty of what will happen once you step on the cruise ship, consider investing in quality protection. For example, you can purchase travel insurance by Insure and Go preparation for when cruise ships will start embarking.

One of the best reasons to get your coverage by InsureandGo, is that they offer travel insurance covering coronavirus, meaning that you’ll be covered if you were to catch it, and all at no extra cost. Helping you feel safer when getting back onto the sea.

Check Destinations

Generally, cruise ships will have a pre-set list of stops along the journey. This list will most likely be ever changing depending on local situations. Hopefully, by the time you embark, everywhere will be back to normal.

But it’s worth contacting your holiday provider as they will have constant up to date information when it comes to destinations.

Away from logistical and health reasons, you should also consider what sort of cruise you want to enjoy. Traditionally, when thinking of cruise holidays, you picture the Caribbean or somewhere near a beach.

That’s not always the case, in fact, there are so many different places to cruise, depending on if you’re going for culture, food, beaches, families or scenery. There’s pretty much no limit when it comes to potential destinations.

This year, the most popular ones will probably be the European Christmas market cruise. This will most likely be the cheapest as it’s the closest to British ports and will only last a few days stopping by northern French ports and Belgium cities.

Otherwise, why not try a UK based cruise? Circling the British Isle, you can stop by major cities and locations you might not have visited before all whilst on a budget. It’s perhaps the best way to get back into holidays if you’re feeling anxious.

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