To pack or not to; what to take with you on a cruise.

We all love cruising. The fun of open waters, the beaches, the exotic aquamarine animals, the sun, the tan, the party; what’s not to love?

But not every cruise experiences are alike, and you can easily have a bad time in the best boats you can be. What do you do in those cases? There are more than a couple of things that can ruin your, otherwise perfect, getaway. It might be that awful seasickness, feeling down, having a hard time adjusting to the weather, or even worrying about things back at home. In any case, you want to come prepared because once you’re on board, literally, there’s no stopping the fun. 

That’s why we have come up with this simple list of things you should pack for your next cruise. Now keep in mind, we know there are lots of guides out there that tell you to pack batteries, flashlights, sunscreens, cocktail attire, etc. We think there’s enough advice on that but most of them leave out some essential stuff that you should also pack along with those. So that’s why we are listing some things that not many guides tell you but still come in handy most of the time when you are on a cruise. Let’s see them in detail: 

Motion Sickness Patches

It’s no fun to throw up or feel dizzy when there’s a raging party going on around you. It happens more often than you think but seasickness is real and can seriously dampen the mood. So, make sure you take a trip to the pharmacy and get some pills or medication to combat seasickness.

Hangover Relief Pills

Now let’s get real. Cruises are all about unleashing the fun and bringing the best out of your inner party animal. But once you had that awesome night, the mornings can be gloomy and painful. You can pack some hangover relief pills, or better yet, have a hangover relief remedy like fruit juices or healthy breakfast ready. It takes a huge load off your head; again, literally, to have a clear head and be fully charged once more for the day of fun in the morning.

Cooling Towel/blankets

Many people pack lightly with shorts and swimsuits for the cruise, but it can also get chilly in the open waters. So, make sure to pack some heavy clothes or blankets to keep you warm on chilly nights. Maybe you never have to use them, but it’s so much better to come prepared than to be surprised. Also, when you are out in the sun for too long with nothing to protect you except a thin layer of sunscreen, it’s good to have a cooling towel that you can use to soak and pat on yourself to cool off.

Underwater Camera

Cruises are not all about life on the boat. You also get to experience life underwater. So, if you want to make it memorable and take home some happy moments, bring an underwater camera. It’s so exciting to watch the elegance and beauty of the bustling aquamarine biome and you can have the memories in the form of pictures and videos with a decent underwater camera.

Water Shoes/slippers

Another perk of cruises is beaches. You get to spend time with crackling waves and dips in the cool waters when you’re close to the shore. But it’s a total no-go to wear socks and shoes to a beach. You’ll be destroying not just good shoes, but also your reputation when you’re the morons who wear shoes to a beach. So, take a pair of water shoes or slippers with you. They can protect you from corals or stones in the sand and you also get to walk it off without having to burn your feet in the hot sand on a sunny day. 

GPS Tracker

GPS Trackers are incredibly useful gadgets to take with you or buy for your home when heading over to a cruise. They can keep your luggage safe and protected when you are away on the beach or snorkeling in the shallow waters. You get instant notifications when your belongings leave a certain area with the GEO-Fencing feature, and you also get to contact authorities in case of emergencies with a dedicated SOS button in case you ever get lost. They’re also useful when you are away from the home. You get the same level of protection as if you were right there. It’s so easy to keep track of with the mobile apps.

So that seems like a good one to end this with. These items in the list are incredibly useful and your cruise experience can be hassle-free with a little bit of planning and preparation. We’d suggest you pack light, but it’s also important to ensure you have everything for a good time. We’d also suggest you look at our other articles and guides for cruises where we explain all the relevant details that you want to know about cruises and how to make the most out of it.

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