What Are The Top 10 Destinations Cruise Passengers From The Uk Visit?

I’m currently doing an assignment on the cruise industry and struggling to find the top 10 destinations for UK passengers. This is the criteria:
For a pass the candidate has :-
Examined key changes in the UK cruise industry over the past 10 years and explained the reasons for these changes and included:
· Development of UK cruising in terms of number of guests and changing guest demographics
· Growth compared to package holidays
· Key destinations including river cruises
· Explanation that identifies how the popularity of cruise destinations has changed over recent years
· A present–day top 10 popular destinations list
For a merit the candidate has achieved everything at pass grade and has:-
· Created a report that is well presented and organised in a logical sequence
· Provided evidence of research into growth in the cruise industry
· Provided examples of a wide range of destinations including river cruises
For a distinction the candidate has achieved everything at a pass and merit grade and has:-
· Demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the development of the cruise industry by choice and use of examples.

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